• PC Control and/or Manual controls
  • Models with 35 MHz, 50 MHz, and 60 MHz Receivers
  • Models with standard or high-voltage Pulsers
  • Receiver gain range of -13 to +66 dB (80 dB range)
  • 16 Selectable transducer-damping values
  • 6 Selectable high-pass and 6 selectable low-pass filter values
  • Selectable pulse energy and pulse amplitude
  • Selectable low and high pulser-impedances
  • Receiver noise level of 49 µVp-p input-referred (35 MHz receiver)
  • JSR Dot Net Control Panel software and Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Windows 7 and 10 (32 and 64 bit versions)

The DPR300 Pulser-Receiver features a broad range of adjustability including receiver gain, high and low-pass filter cutoff frequencies, pulse energy, pulse amplitude, transducer damping, Pulse-Echo or Through mode select, pulse repetition rate (PRF), and pulser-trigger source selection. The broad range of DPR300 features enables performance to be optimized across a wide range of applications.

The DPR300 can be factory-configured with:

  1. 1)  Manual controls, PC control, or both Manual and PC controls.
  2. 2)  An adjustable 100 V to 475 V pulser power supply, suitable for most conventional applications.
  3. 3)  An adjustable 100 V to 900 V pulser power supply suitable for applications that require higher pulse energy.

The DPR300 includes stand-alone JSR Dot Net Control Panel software for Windows, and a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) enables software developers to create custom Windows applications.

Multiple DPR300’s can be controlled from one computer using a daisy-chain connection from unit to unit. DPR500 units can be part of this daisy chain.

The DPR300 has been employed in a broad range of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) applications with both ultrasound transducers and electrostrictive transducers for the evaluation of turbine and aircraft engine components, scanning acoustic microscopy, thickness gauging, quality control of sheet metal fabrication in steel mills, pipe and weld inspection, ultrasound research, laminated material inspection, materials analysis and inspection, ultrasound imaging and measurement systems, and transducer evaluation.


Single channel DPR300 Model name format:


    X          Control option. D for digital control, M for manual control, B for both digital and manual control.

    VVV     Maximum available pulser power supply voltage. 475 or 900 Volts

    BW      Bandwidth options. 35, 50, or 60 MHz.


    DPR300-M475-50 (Manual control, 475V pulser power supply, 50 MHz Receiver bandwidth