Imaginant designs and manufactures high-performance ultrasound system hardware, non-destructive coating thickness gauges, and ultrasound transducers. Founded in 1986, Imaginant has more than 30 years of expertise and innovation with all aspects of ultrasound-based systems, and we maintain long-standing relationships with a diverse base of customers across all continents.

Since its inception, Imaginant has provided innovative hardware for integration into demanding ultrasound applications through our JSR Ultrasonics® brand. The wide range of applications spans the automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, coatings, laminated materials, medical, energy, and defense research market sectors.  Our Pulser-Receiver products have a long-standing and successful track record of usage in critical inspection systems including the assessment of turbine and aircraft engine components, oil pipeline testing, Intra-Vascular UltraSound (IVUS) cathethers, acoustic microscopes, and numerous others.

Through Imaginant's PELT® brand of multi-layer thickness gauges, Imaginant offers non-destructive solutions for measuring the thickness of coatings including paints, plastics, and rubbers.  Initially developed for the automotive and aerospace industries over 25 years ago, Imaginant has continually expanded the scope of PELT's measurement capability into other manufacturing industries including metal coil coating, automotive plastic parts, transportation vehicles, and shipping containers.  Our innovative technology allows our gauges to detect and measure the thickness of each layer in a layer stack that has been coated on a substrate, even non-metallic materials such as carbon fiber, plastics, glass, wood, and composites.  This patented gauging technology is offered in both handheld spot-measurement gauges and online automated robotic gauges for factories, both of which enable exacting process control of coatings applied to production parts. 

A recent addition to Imaginant's product portfolio is that of Ultrasound Transducers.  The NDT market expressed the need for a source of reliable high-frequency transducers, and Imaginant responded by creating a manufacturing process for reliable contact and immersion transducers.  Our patent-pending technology produces highly-reliable ultrasound transducers that exhibit uniform performance from device to device.  Imaginant ultrasound transducers, when combined with our pulser-receivers, offer our customers the two most-critical elements of any ultrasound-based system.

Imaginant invests in innovative research and development to remain at the leading edge of what can be accomplished.  We welcome collaboration with our customers with the goal of providing the highest-performing ultrasound metrology equipment and solutions possible.