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PELT (Pulse/Echo Layer Thickness) products from JSR Ultrasonics are microprocessor based ultrasonic thickness measurement systems.

PELT Gauges are internationally recognized for direct and precise multi-layer gauging of coatings on both non-metallic and metallic substrates. PELT Gauges are non-destructive contact gauging systems that do not damage the coating or destroy the sample being measured.

Single layer coatings as well as multi-layered coatings can be made with the PELT Gauge. With one measurement, the PELT Gauge can accurately measure the thickness of each individual layer of a coating (up to 5 layers).  This is true even if the layers were applied “wet on wet”, as is the case with many basecoat/clearcoat systems in use today.

Since the measurements are made on finished parts, there is no need to waste resources preparing special samples for measurement. Measurements can be made on virtually any type of substrate. Corrosion inhibitors and pre-treated metallic substrates (i.e. galvanization) pose no problem. There is no need to subtract the thickness of the inhibitors or treatments from the measurement (a common practice with conventional thickness gauges).

On plastic or composite substrates, the PELT Gauge measures each layer down to the substrate. Varying substrate thickness or laminated substrates do not affect the ability to gauge or the accuracy of the layer thickness measurements.

With optional probes, the PELT can be configured to measure many different materials and in some cases, substrate thickness itself can be measured.

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