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Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry recognizes PELT's unique ability to make accurate and repeatable measurements over conventional and unconventional substrates. 

Automotive Industry

PELT technology is widely used in the automotive industry.  Over 80% of automobile manufacturing sites in North America use PELT to measure the multiple layered coatings applied to new automobiles.  PELT is also used in automobile assembly plants in many other countries in Asia, Europe, and South America.

Plastic and Composite Industry

Many leading composite and plastic component manufacturers rely on PELT to provide accurate thickness data for process monitoring. 

Rubber Coatings and Materials Manufacturing

PELT is used to measure soft and attenuative coatings on a variety of substrate materials.

Shipping Container Industry

PELT's ability to measure the individual paint layers on finished intermodal shipping containers makes it a valuable quality control tool.

Digital Cameras

Coating Thickness Systems