11/15/00 New DPR300 Pulser/Receiver Introduced

JSR Ultrasonics, Inc. is proud to introduce the DPR300 Pulser/Receiver. This nest generation 35 MHz bandwidth instrument offers outstanding performance with an impressive array of standard features: User-adjustable pulse amplitude up to 475V, remarkably low receiver noise of 49 mVp-p (input referred @ 35 MHz),Variable damping with 16 damping levels, and selectable High Pass and Low Pass filters (6 each).

50 MHz bandwidth, 900V pulse amplitude, and manual control options are available.

The DPR300 is controlled by Windows based software. A software development kit for Windows and LabVIEW are provided to facilitate custom software development.

The projected customer availability date is June 2001. Reservational Purchase Orders will be accepted prior to launch.

For additional information please contact us at sales@jsrultrasonics.com